Preventing Complications after Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery

The first thing to do to prevent complications after surgery is taking precautions before your procedure.  Selection of the proper practitioner is definitely the most important aspect of prevention. 

A solid background, enough experience and accessibility and honesty are all equally important.  The most important feature to look for is that the surgeon put the patient first.  Not only what the patient wants, but most importantly their safety, their health and wellbeing.  So, be certain that if you come to your plastic & cosmetic surgeon with an idea and you are sent back to think about it some more, it is probably a good idea to do so.

Once the plastic & cosmetic surgeon is selected, follow instructions carefully.  Make sure you know what tests you need to have to be cleared for surgery. 

Usually it is no less than a comprehensive blood count, coagulation survey and an electrocardiogram, sometimes more.  Ask what to take and what not to take, for example, some herbal remedies, aspirin or vitamins like vitamin E can promote bleeding. 

You might need to stop taking these a few days before your plastic & cosmetic surgery.   You should, definitely, stop smoking. After having your procedure, follow all indications, too. 

Take it easy, but do not stay in bed, unless instructed to do so.  Get up, walk a bit, go to the kitchen, the restroom, and sit in the living room.  

A common cause of complications after surgery is fever, occasionally caused by poor pulmonary ventilation and too much bed rest. Again, the best thing you can do is to prevent.  The best prevention, no matter what your procedure breast augmentation, tummy tuck, face lift, reconstruction, is research of the best possible plastic & cosmetic surgeon for you. Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery in Costa Rica