Plastic Surgery in Costa Rica

Plastic surgery costa rica trip plan

Planning your plastic surgery in Costa Rica is not as complicated as you would think, and we will help you with anything you need.

You need a passport to come to Costa Rica, so be sure to check if it is valid.

Send us your questions about plastic surgery in Costa Rica, recovery, accommodations, etc.

  1. Once you have all the information you need, test results and travel requirements, schedule a date for your surgery.
  2. Check flights for availability and scheduling, as well as availability for accommodations.  Do not buy your airline ticket until you have clearance from your physician.
  3. Once you have your surgical clearance book a flight and a recovery retreat (we can help you with this).
  4. Plan on what you need to pack for your trip, comfortable clothing, any medication you usually take, test results, etc.
  5. You must arrive in Costa Rica two days before surgery.
  6. Most recovery retreats (check other services for recommendations) offer transportation services to and from the airport, doctor’s office and hospital, included in their daily rate; as well as meals.
  7. You will have a preoperative consultation the day before surgery.
  8.  You must arrive at the hospital two hours before your procedure for admission and in time to receive IV antibiotics as prophylaxis against infection as recommended by the NNSSSI (National Nosocomial Surveillance for Surgical Site Infection).
  9. Most hospital and lodging personnel speak English, as well as people in charge of transportation.

Don´t know where to stay during your plastic surgery in Costa Rica?  We can recommend you check several recovery retreats or small hotels that cater to our patients´ every need.  These all offer a special rate for our patients´, transportation to and from the airport, doctor´s office, hospital, and a follow up consultation.  Check with them directly for rates or let us know if you need assistance.


Hotel Terrazas de Golf

Villa Le Mas

Chetica Ranch

You can also stay at one of several hotels that are very close from Hospital CIMA San José.