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Your experience with plastic surgery in Costa Rica will never be better, safer or more tailored to your needs than with us.  Whether you are planning of a face lifttummy tuckbreast enlargementbreast liftliposuction or any other plastic surgery procedure, experience is the key component.  Over 30 years experience as a plastic surgeon in Costa Rica, treating national and international patients, our team has what you need for you medical tourism travel.

Dr. Miguel Alfaro Plastic Surgery Costa Rica

Dr. Miguel Alfaro, M.D., a distinguished graduate of the University of Costa Rica Medical School, boasts a rich educational background in General Surgery from esteemed institutions like the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and the University of Missouri, Columbia. Further honing his expertise, he completed his residency in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the renowned University of Colorado Medical Center in Denver. Over the years, Dr. Alfaro has successfully transformed the lives of thousands of patients from across the globe through cosmetic surgery. In addition to his clinical practice, he has imparted knowledge as a former professor at the University of Costa Rica Medical School and served as a prominent member of the Academic Council at the Autonomous University of Central America (U.A.C.A.).

Face lift

Rhytidectomy or face lift is a surgery that is designed to remove wrinkles. It can be performed alone or with an eyelid lift, neck lift or brow lift. A face lift places facial skin and muscles in a way…

Dr. Miguel Alfaro

Dr. Miguel Alfaro, former Chief of the Plastic Surgery Service, founder and former Chief of the National Burn Unit and former Chairman of the Department of Surgery of a national university teaching Hospital, San Juan de Dios, in Costa Rica, with 800 adult beds. 
He has been a member of the Oncological Society, Mastology Society, International Plastic Surgery Society, International College of Surgeons, International Society for Burn Injuries, and Ibero-Latinamerican Society for Plastic Surgery.  In addition to having been president of the Costa Rican Plastic Surgery Society, he has been a member of the Scientific Bioethical Committee, the Costa Rican College of Surgeons and the Mal Practice Committee of the same college, and also, one of the founders of Hospital CIMA San José.