Braquioplasty or arm lift

There are different parts of the body where aging as well as weight loss are very evident. 

The upper arm is one of those areas.  As we age the skin of the upper arm becomes loose, saggy and droops even in the thinnest people.  A simple wave good-bye will evidence this problem that is hard to hide.  This is exacerbated when the person has been overweight.

The arm lift removes the extra amount of skin and fat that accumulates on the upper part of the arm.  The incision is placed in the axilla and down towards the elbow about 7 cms.  It heals well, but is visible, so this must be considered when deciding on the procedure.

People that have had massive weight loss are good candidates for this procedure since it removes unwanted and uncomfortable excess skin, reduces body weight and motivates the person to be more physically active as well as more comfortable.

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