Facial Implants

What makes a face beautiful? 

What makes you find him handsome? 

Facial characteristics that make a person appealing to others are based on several different things.  Landmarks like skull, bone structure, maxilla, facial and mandibular bones are the main framework that hold tissues in place.  Muscles that cover these bones give movement and expressions to the face. 

Details and difference of the face is mainly given by positioning, volume, angles and shape of facial fat.  Skin, skeletal landmarks and other feature like eyebrows, eyes, cheeks and nose are decisive when contemplating the beauty of a face. In order of importance, eyes, brow, cheeks, lips, nose, chin, jaw line and neck are the main features that give the face its beauty. 

Others like forehead and ears don´t really make that much of a difference in a person´s appearance unless they have a deformity of some kind.  Skin, teeth and hair are the easiest to change or enhance and they complement the other facial characteristics. 

The upper third of the face eyes, brow and cheeks gives almost 90% of the beauty to the face. Many people have facial asymmetries that cause them to feel unattractive or ugly.  Others want to enhance their attributes and feel more appealing. 

There are several types of facial implants that may be placed to enhance different features of the face. They can be placed in the cheeks, the jaw, the nose, the chin, among other areas. 

These implants can be solid or porous. The procedure can be performed with general or local anesthesia, as needed.

Recovery usually takes about a week. Other options to enhance facial features include injectable or dermal fillers, soft implants that can enhance, improve or correct several areas of the face to make it more appealing. Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery in Costa Rica www.plasticsurgery.co.cr