Breast Reduction

Large breasts are usually a sign of beauty, but in some cases they can be a cause of chronic pain.  Larger breasts are heavy and this extra weight can strain the back, causing chronic pain in the upper back.  Exercising is usually uncomfortable and much more of an effort must be made because of the extra weight on the breasts.  Some women also have skin issues, like recurrent infections caused by the moisture that is present under the breast.

Pain on the shoulders is often present in women with large breast when bra straps pull on the shoulders. Dressing is not always easy either since not all styles are flattering on women with bigger breasts, too covered they look larger, too revealing doesn´t help either.

A breast reduction is performed with a similar technique as the breast lift.  A breast reduction can also reduce the size of the areola or darker skin around the nipple.  Dr. Alfaro places incisions around the areola and down in a diagonal line to the outer side of the body, making them easy to hide inside a bra or bathing suit.  This technique preserves erectibility and sensibility of the nipple, even the ability to breast-feed.  Temporary altered sensibility in the breasts or nipples is not uncommon.   Other techniques do not offer these benefits.

Patients are provided a special bra to wear for at least a month.  After surgery, care is simple, washing with just soap and water, using gauze for a few days.  Exercising can be resumed after a month as well as any strenuous activity as lifting heavy objects.

Lymphatic drainage massages are recommended during postoperative care, about every other day.  This very soft massage to the chest area, not directly on the breast relieves swelling and inflammation and helps you recover quicker.

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